Mapping it Out in Southeast Asia: ComingWorks Interview

ISSUE #66 – Jean-Pascal Duvet, CEO of ComingWorks (pictured below) shares with us more the start-up and the market potential in the sector of maps.


Could you introduce us to ComingWorks and your activities?

Maps are used by everybody in their everyday life and it is key for most of companies to do business. With a smart information layer above any map, ComingWorks helps people for faster and smarter decision-making and helps companies for a better conversion rate and cost control.

Maps for businesses are currently a very hot topic as, with the new Google Maps pricing starting from June 11, some companies will have to pay now more than 5,000 USD per month when it was free before*.

With our solution, to switch from a map provider such as Google Maps to another provider is as easy as 1 click or is done automatically after reaching the free usage limit for instance.

Furthermore, it gives you at last a total control on what is displayed on your maps to best promote your sites and its surroundings. In a website, the activation of our cloud-based smart map can’t be simplest: just a single line to add in the webpage.

For one site like thousands, people will find all information they need in a wink to choose you over the competition.


Could you describe the market potential?

Previously dramatically undervalued, the new Google Maps pricing shows that maps are a billion-dollar market.

The need to show more relevant and personalized information on a restricted space like a mobile or a car display is increasing quickly. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our map data visualization engine can be used or integrated by industries such as Automotive, Real Estate, Hospitality etc.


Do tell us how you’re mapping your expansion in Asia.

Although our products and services are global, Singapore and South East Asia are our natural first business area as we are based in Singapore.

This market is now unlocked and there are a lot of growth opportunities. To enable a fast expansion in Asia and other dynamic geographies we will probably open up soon the capital of the company to Series A investors.


What are the next steps for you?

Announced only 1 month before, the coming Google pricing surge is both a great opportunity and an exciting race against the clock.

We are 100% focused on this immediate next step and our priority is to support businesses to cope with this change and to get the maximum returns from their maps.

* The free usage granted by Google has been decreased by 96% and the price above the free limit has been increased by 1,300% for a customized and interactive map.

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Interview with Jean-Pascal Duvet, CEO, ComingWorks

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #2 2018 “Connecting to the Region”