The Appreciative Inquiry – A Powerful Tool in Change Management: Madame Fine Art Studio

5 Jun 2018 – The Appreciative Inquiry is a method of developing organisations and teams, which began in the late 80s in the US, seeking resources, successes, positive experiences in everyone, in the company and its environment.

It rests first and foremost on the art of asking unconditionally positive questions in duo-based discovery interviews, then in subgroup and large group discussions. By focusing on the positive energy that gives life to the organisation, it is possible to identify the success factors of the system and thus avoid any form of diagnosis, criticism or negative point of view.

This approach makes it possible to emerge the solutions of the collective by involving all the actors concerned and by connecting “the head” (the managers) to “the body” (their collaborators). This new method, favouring the emergence of collective intelligence, is composed of 5 different phases called 5D’s.

During this session, Valerie Lallement (alias MADAME), Founder/Artist, Madame Fine Art Studio and Emmanuelle Le Strat, Managing Director, Madame Fine Art Studio experimented with members the “Discovery” phase, and giving an introduction to the “Dream” phase (the creative part) which was presented by the French Artist MADAME.

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