Building a Successful Cyber Security Business – Top Predictions and Future Impacts: Airbus

24 May 2018 – Airbus’ external Cyber Security business have compiled their top technology predictions for 2018, based on trends identified at their Security Operations Centres in France, UK and Germany during 2017.

  • Prediction 1: A lack of social media security policies will create serious risks for enterprises As observed during 2017, social media platforms are regularly being used for the spread of fake news or the manipulation of public opinion. But social media can also be used for sophisticated social engineering and reconnaissance activities which form the basis of many attacks on the enterprises. Criminals and hackers are known to use these platforms to distribute malware, push rogue antivirus scams and phishing campaigns to lure their victims.
  • Prediction 2: Attacks on Wireless networks will escalate Attacks on Wireless networks will increase as attackers seek to exploit the Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK) vulnerability, first made public in October 2017. The vulnerability can allow an attacker to intercept and read Wi-Fi traffic between devices and a Wi-Fi router, and in some cases even modify the traffic to inject malicious data into websites. It could also allow attackers to obtain sensitive information from those devices, such as credit card details, passwords, chat messages and emails.
  • Prediction 3: Encryption will continue to represent challenges for law enforcement Concerns about data privacy, the increasing use of cloud computing, an increase in data breaches and the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will all contribute to the emergence of End to End Encryption (E2EE) as the most effective way for enterprises wishing to secure their data. But E2EE will also represent some challenges to law enforcement as criminals continue to use this technique for espionage and subversion.

Thank you Markus Braendle, Head Of Airbus Cyber Security for sharing with us about these insights!

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