Outsourcing services via an RFP: EVA Group

17 May 2018 – Outsourcing services, and in particular via a RFP process, is a process to choose a partner for the long run. To bring value to the business, it is crucial to make the right decision by selecting the appropriate vendor and create a positive partnership. A defined methodology is required to ensure a win-win situation including added-value perspectives to the company, as well as on-time delivery during the transition and transformation period.

At this meeting, Gregory Franc from EVA Group introduced members to:

  • From business case to transition-out including RFI, RFP, transition-in, run and reversibility
  • Drill-down on the EVA Group RFP methodology: multi-step stages (preparation, writing & conduct, transition periods)
  • Scope of work definition and SLA definition
  • Types of engagement
  • How to define the scoring grid (ability to deliver, financial, SLA)
  • Contract Management, with governance best practices on the IT Transformation roadmap
  • Advice and return of experience in Regional & Global RFPs
  • Q&A

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