Why customer experience is at the core of a successful retail strategy? : ielo design & Bienvenue

15 May 2018 – “The customer is always right” – thus goes the familiar adage coined by the founder of London’s Selfridges back in 1909… And it still holds true. Today’s retail journey must be designed to inspire consumers to make their own experience out of each moment and touchpoint, rather than forcing them to follow a predetermined pathway. This can only be achieved through a strong understanding of the trends, ideas and innovations influencing how the modern consumer behaves, what they are looking for and what drives their purchase decision.

During this session, Jeanne MouterdeCo-founder and General Manager, ielo design and Chloé CortinovisCo-founder and Managing Director, Bienvenue used their background in store design, retail experience, and digital transformation to share why this shift in mindset is necessary, and how successful brands have been able to develop winning retail strategies in this way.

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