A Rainy but Great Edition of French Chamber Pétanque Tournament 2018!

21 Apr 2018 – Pétanque, which attracts both young and old, is a game where metallic balls must be thrown as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet, and the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore was glad to organise again the French Chamber Pétanque Tournament!

Our 150 participants enjoyed a day-long tournament of this typically French game in a fun atmosphere – in the great outdoors with a beautiful seaview of East Coast Park. We would like to thank all the 44 teams for their sporting attitude, team spirit and fair play! Despite the rain in the afternoon, everyone was very motivated, making this event a real success!

Players enjoyed a few glasses of Ricard and snacks all day long to gain forces for the tournament. The BBQ, along with Fat Bastard rosé wines sponsored by Wine Connection, allowed our players a well-deserved lunch break. And of course, there was lots of Evian, Badoit and Sirops Teisseire to stay hydrated!


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A big round of congratulations to the winners!

Winners of the Main Tournament:

1. Galacticos

2. Talesboules

3. A Fond

Winners of the Plate Tournament:

1. Les Golfeurs 2

2. Chai Chee Boyz

3. Les Bouledingues

.We would like to take this opportunity to thank again our main sponsors for their support, AGS Four Winds and Bolloré Logistics, for making this annual event a huge success!

A warm word of thanks also to our in-kind sponsors for the prizes offered to our winners!

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Find more photos in our photo gallery on our website!


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