Blockchain Technology: Myths and Diversity

19 Apr 2018 – Blockchain is not an homogeneous technology, but rather a family of technologies, – more accurately called DLT “Distributed Ledger technologies” – with similar properties, which yield common benefits.

In this workshop conducted by Dan Duong, technology expert, serial tech entrepreneur, co-founder and CTO of ZYKEN, we reviewed these essential properties, some key design choices of the two famous initial implementations, Bitcoin and Ethereum and their current limitations, which prevent scaling, and then explored some alternatives, which are being currently developed by a plethora of start-ups and consortia, at various maturity stages : Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Corda, Neo, Tezos, Hashgraph, IOTA, Bluzelle, etc. We also discussed the current level of security of blockchains.

This session was designed by participants, where each sent us 5 questions and challenges that they faced in blockchain, to be discussed and explored further during the session.

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