Breakfast Talk: Human Resources Challenges & Best Practices in the Service & Retail Industry in APAC

28 Mar 2018 –  Companies in Asia face similar HR challenges. The region comprises of different markets in difference phases of maturity and organisations need to adapt human capital strategies to the unique characteristics in each country for success. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Over the recent years the workforce is also changing. It’s more digital, more global, diverse and automation-savvy. And at the same time, business expectations, needs, and demands are evolving faster than ever before. This is an opportunity to reimagine HR, talent, and organisational practices.

The service, retail and hospitality sectors are people industries that heavily depend on quality people to deliver a quality product and experience. At this Breakfast Talk, we heard about the challenges & best practices from 3 HR Leaders from the service/retail industry, followed by a lively panel discussion on the subject.

Speakers :

  • Thierry Ricard, VP Human Resource East and South Asia & Pacific, Club Med
  • Vanessa Iloste, VP Human Resource Asia, Sephora
  • Philippe Estreguil, Human Resources Director Asia Pacific, Sodexo

Moderator :

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