Managing and Understanding the Key Market Risks of 2018 – Inflation and Interest Rates: Western Union

28 Mar 2018 – 2018 started off with greater volatility than the doldrum markets of 2017. Confronted with a different animal, the change in market dynamics fundamentals has caught many financial institutions and customers offguard. Instead of 2017’s geopolitical uncertainties, the fear of inflation and interest rate hikes around the world are now taking centrestage. But life has always been about the dance between uncertainties and possibilities, the key is being prepared for them and understanding what can be done to manage the risk.

At this meeting, Aaron Chia, Head of FX Dealing and Digital Solutions, Western Union, ran through the key risks on the horizon that could significantly impact exchange rates in the next 6 months. He also shared a deeper look into how successful SMEs manage their risk by being forward looking and putting in place strategies that can lead to positive results. It was a session relevant for any decision makers in a business where foreign exchange impacts on top-line revenue or bottom-line profitability.

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