Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Q&A Session with Marie Nadal Sharma

23 Jan 2018 – Today’s digital world may bring up a few essential questions: How to start my digital marketing strategy? How to optimise my website? How to generate traffic? How to manage all my social networks? How to set up a content calendar?

Digital marketing is complex but it does not have to be complicated. Think strategy before implementing and find answers to your questions.

At this interactive workshop, Marie Nadal Sharma, Digital Mentor and Implementer at Them You & Me, passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey and overcoming their digital challenges, shared with us about the intricacies of digital marketing.

This session was designed by participants, where each sent us 5 questions and challenges that they faced in digital marketing, to be discussed and explored further during the session.

Thank you all for joining us, and for the very interactive question and answer session! For more events, do visit our website.


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