Breakfast Talk: Doing Business in Cambodia

18 Jan 2018 – Cambodia’s economy is growing rapidly and liberal trade and investment policies have been introduced to promote trade and foreign investment. The GDP has grown at around seven percent over the past decade and the country’s economic growth is expected to remain robust in the coming years.

Cambodia offers potential business opportunities in several sectors such as agribusiness, food processing, garments, tourism infrastructure and resorts, architecture, construction, engineering services, energy, finance and insurance, household goods and appliances, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment …

At this Breakfast Talk. three experts of the Cambodian market provided members with all the information needed to tackle this fast-growing market: economic trends, legal & taxation, business opportunities, business tips and experience sharing!

  • Mr Blaise Kilian, Deputy Director, Eurocham Cambodia
  • Mr Guillaume Massin, Managing Director, DFDL Cambodia
  • Mr André de Jong, Managing Director, Robert Bosch, Cambodia

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