Wheels in Motion: Singapore’s Exciting Start-Up Ecosystem

ISSUE #65 – The latest edition of FOCUS magazine, Ready? Start-Up. Go!, explores the vibrant start-up ecosystem in Singapore.



In recent years, Singapore has seen a flurry of start-ups spring up, which should come as no surprise, seeing its propensity to innovate, high degree of technological adoption and openness in doing business. The country has carved out a competitive edge as a hub for finance, logistics, transportation, and is now making a mark as a start-up hub.

Start-up founders based in Singapore are the youngest in the world, with a median age of 28 years, and the city-nation also has the third highest level of global connectedness. It has overtaken Silicon Valley as No. 1 for global start-up talent (Startup Genome, Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017), hoisted by its access to quality talent and relative cost.

On a more hands-on level, the Singapore government has launched SGInnovate (interview on pages 14 – 15), an agency that vises to launch, prove and scale deep-tech – technology-intensive – innovations. Bringing together key people and resources, it seeks to launch Singapore into the AI and robotics space, among other deep tech domains.

Collaboration has become essential to sourcing new technologies and novel competitive business models, shortening cycles of innovation and fast-tracking development of game-changing products and services, and Singapore is well primed with labs (INSEAD eLab page 20), hubs (Accenture Digital Hub pages 26 – 27, French Tech page 17)centres (Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange pages 22 – 23) and programmes (Mediapreneur pages 18 – 19) dedicated to enabling convergence of business energies.

In this edition, find interviews also with start-ups on their start-up journey in Singapore (Art of Click page 20) and also French Chamber initiatives from which start-ups can benefit (Instaroid and the Business Accelerator Lab page 21, CEO Tech Club page 3, and many more).

With an entrepreneurial ecosystem evolving at a pace like no other, it is clear that the start-up journey in Singapore is a dynamic and exciting one. Ready? Start-Up, Go!



Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #1 2018 “Ready? Start-Up. Go!”