#CapturingMoments with the French Chamber’s Business Accelerator Lab: Instaroid Interview

ISSUE #65 – Instaroid founder Nicolas Brunet (pictured below) explains how his start-up shakes up the world of brand activation both offline and online and shares with us his experience with the Business Accelerator Lab.


What is Instaroid and how did the concept for Instaroid come about?

Instaroid is a marketing tool for events and venues. It is a social media printer that allows guests to instantly print a picture from their smartphone in the form of a branded Polaroid, then share it on social media. This increases social media exposure and captures valuable customer data for brands.

It all began when I attended events with a Polaroid camera in hand. The instant photos I captured made great gifts, and I was repaid with smiles. I wasn’t a hired photographer, instead, I was seeking to solve the challenge of engaging with people both online and offline. Soon I discovered a pattern – photos act as a social glue at events and venues. I understood they were key to engagement.

Event photographers and traditional photo booths are onto something, but their presence does not exactly improve audience engagement. In fact, since the emergence of mobile photography and social media, they have become somewhat obsolete; thus the meaning of event photography has evolved. There is one form of photos that truly engages with people – the kind captured personally, taken anytime and anywhere, then posted online instantly for their friends to like, comment, and share. This eureka moment (and hard work) led to the launch in 2014 and continued development of Instaroid into what it is today.


Why did you join the Business Accelerator Lab? Could you tell us about your experience?

As a solo founder, it can be hard to take a step back from the daily grind. Outside opinions from more experienced professionals never hurts, right? Hence, I saw the Business Accelerator Lab as a rare opportunity to receive feedback from mentors from various industries and career paths. The session helped me gain clarity on the challenges I would be facing in the near future and the strategic choices I’ll have to reflect upon to scale up. I even got referrals that helped us acquire new customers! So it was a fruitful combination of short-term outcomes and long-term considerations.



Any upcoming plans for Instaroid that you might be able to share with us?

We are experiencing steady growth, geographically through our franchise model: Instaroid’s presence spans seven countries and counting. This expansion will continue, as the selfie and social media waves keep sweeping over the world.

In terms of technological innovation, we just released Instaroid Mini, the smallest social media printer in the world. It is an affordable, yet powerful product that will hopefully pave the way to mass market adoption.

2018 will also be the year where we will leverage new trends like Augmented Reality to keep helping brands connect with their audiences in new exciting ways. Our engineering team is sure to keep busy!



Interview with Nicolas Brunet, Founder, Instaroid

Published in FOCUS Magazine — Issue #1 2018 “Ready? Start-Up. Go!”