Creating a Great Workplace by Design: Sodexo

11 Jan 2018 – When creating a new facility, the usual approach is to first design the physical space, source for technology, and finally consider the services. Designing for the user experience tends to be an afterthought, bolted on after the building is done.

A new, innovative approach is to start with the workplace strategy and user experience, and then, based on that, to develop an integrated space, technology, and service design to achieve business goals. The result: it will save cost, be more efficient and sustainable, and make a great workplace experience.

Presented as a case study, Mia LindseyTechnical Director APAC FM Platform at Sodexo as well as Dr Andrew Tay, Director (Health & Productivity) Singapore at GSK shared on:

      • Provide insights into workplace experience and the latest workplace trends
      • Show how an innovative approach can effectively be applied to design a workplace to achieve strategic and business goals
      • Describe how to then bring that design to life and sustain a great user experience thereafter

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Read also: An interview with Aurelien Sonet from Sodexo on how the workplace is changing, based on the findings of Sodexo’s Global Workplace Trends Report 2017


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