Grants for Startups & SMEs in Singapore: How to optimise and secure your access to public funding in Singapore? Workforce Singapore & GAC Group

23 Nov 2017 – At this committee meeting, our speakers from Workforce Singapore (WSG) and GAC Group gave members an overview on public fundings and workforce programmes dedicated to supporting start-ups and SMEs. The session covered two topics and was open to questions members had on all the various grants.

Programs relating to the workforce, by Workforce Singapore, with the SME Centre SMCCI

  • P-Max Programme, a Place-and-Train Programme
  • Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs)
  • Work Trial Programme

Public funding landscape in Singapore, by GAC Group

  • PIC scheme
  • CDG scheme
  • Startup SG Tech Scheme
  • FSTI Scheme

From early-stage startup grants to R&D tax credits for MNCs, our speakers presented on how to optimise and secure your access to public funding in Singapore.

Thank you to all for attending this insightful meeting and to our speakers for the great insights!

  • Qamarul Solihien, Workforce Singapore (WSG) Business Advisor with the SME Centre SMCCI
  • Mathias Boissonot, Consultant for the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC), GAC Group
  • Antoine de Montety, Consultant for Public Funding, GAC Group


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