Succeeding at Mergers & Acquisitions in Southeast Asia and China: How to Identify Targets, Approach their Owners and Execute their Acquisition: Pickering Pacific

21 Nov 2017 – At this committee meeting, Jacques Pickering, Managing Director, Pickering Pacific, presented on how to succeed at mergers & acquisitions (M&As) in Southeast Asia and China based on his experience of advising clients acquiring companies in the region, using many actual case studies from his work at Pickering Pacific for the past thirteen years.

The talk covered how to pro-actively identify suitable acquisition targets, how to contact their owners and convince them to sell, and how to execute all key steps of the resulting acquisition (e.g., indicative offer, due diligence, valuation, final negotiations). It focused on communicating the best practices that acquirers should put in place in order to complete value-adding acquisitions and avoid the numerous pitfalls that could lead to failed acquisitions, and covered the following key countries: mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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