Submarine Cables: The foundation of connected lifestyles: Orange Marine & Orange Business Services

8 Sep 2017 – While our lives are getting more and more digital with instant access to information, we tend to forget its long journey across the globe. Our connected lifestyles depend on the work of skilled sailors braving the oceans aboard cable ships.

With 99.9% of the international data traffic being transmitted by wires at the bottom of the ocean, Singapore has been a major hub interconnecting several regions in the world.

With years of experience in submarine telecommunications, Raynald LECONTE, CEO of Orange Marine (subsidiary of the Orange Group), as well as Laurent FONT, Head of APAC Network infrastructure, Orange Business Services, introduced to members of the ICT, Energy/Infrastructure and French Maritime Cluster committees to the core backbone of today’s networks.

Participants learnt about the major cables across the globe, about the main players and about future trends in networking technologies, and discovered how such cables are designed, deployed and maintained onboard our cable ships, 365 days per year.

Thank you to all for attending this informative sharing session! Do visit our website for more upcoming events.


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