Launch of Smart Health platform to connect innovative French healthcare actors to Singapore

12 Jun 2017 – Bringing together French startups, SMEs, MNCs, and academic and research institutes, the Smart Health platform builds on a French collective approach to address Singapore’s healthcare challenges.


As Singapore seeks to build a future-ready healthcare system, French actors across a diverse range of activities are ready to build and offer a comprehensive set of solutions adapted to its needs.

From pharmaceutical and medical innovation to productivity care solutions, digital health applications, nutrition and wellness services, infrastructure provision and management, research, education and venture financing, the Smart Health platform gathers 35 companies and institutions and 150 products and services.

The platform is organised into 4 thematic clusters, each seeking to bring a holistic solution for Singapore’s healthcare ambitions and challenges.

  • Healthcare Accessibility & Affordability
  • Preventive Care
  • Value-Based Care & Innovation
  • Silver Economy & Seamless Care

To better understand how patients, citizens, and providers view and interact with the industry, 9 citizens’ journeys have been drawn out.

These journeys follow profiles of people that find increasing pertinence in the Singapore landscape, including a healthy citizen, a senior citizen, a diabetic patient, a cancer patient, an R&D lab manager, a nursing home director, a hospital director, a general practitioner, and a corporate HR Director.

“Taking a journey-based approach enables us to understand each step along the process of interacting with the healthcare industry in Singapore and appreciate the broader and interconnected context in which our solutions can fit,” says Dr Philippe Guibert, Co-President of the Smart Health platform and Medical Director of International SOS.

“Our goal is to align our solutions with the healthcare ambitions and challenges of Singapore, and adopt an open and collaborative approach to facilitate discussion and development of value-added innovative solutions,” adds Mr Emmanuel Montet, Co-President of the Smart Health platform and General Manager of Ipsen Singapore.

“There is a vibrant and exciting ecosystem of French players in Singapore ready to explore how the healthcare system of tomorrow can look like, and with this new platform, we hope to showcase their expertise and innovative solutions and encourage a structured discussion with local stakeholders on how we can collectively envision new and relevant solutions,” says Mrs Carine Lespayandel, Executive Director of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.


An initiative of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, the Smart Health platform is accessible at


Companies and Organisations on the Smart Health Platform