Implementing Sustainable Sourcing and Financing Strategies to Derive Higher Performance from the Supply Chain: BNP Paribas and EcoVadis

1 Jun 2017 – Sustainability policies, ethical and compliance standards are crucial components of stakeholders’ decision making process – from corporates’ top managers, to investors or end-customers. As such, there is a growing need for corporates to seek and integrate more advanced sustainable sourcing and financing solutions.

BNP Paribas and EcoVadis propose to engage into a dialog around creative sourcing and financing strategies aimed at helping corporates deriving higher performance, transparency and sustainability from their supply chain.

This presentation led by Cynthia Tchikoltsoff, Head of Supply Chain Management Group, BNP Paribas Asia-Pacific and Wim Peeters, VP Business Development, Ecovadis explained why and how high-performing corporates implement sustainable sourcing strategies; and how suppliers can be incentivised to embrace such strategies.

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