A simple framework to overcome digital overwhelm and shine online

6 Apr 2017 – Consumers’ expectations are rising. Luxury brands have no choice but to rethink their customer experience and adapt their marketing strategy for the digital world.

Raising awareness for businesses and brands about the urgency to adopt new skills and new mindsets, Florine Eppe Beauloye, Belgian entrepreneur, award-winning business strategist and luxury marketer, and author of the book Shine – Digital Craftsmanship for Modern Luxury Brands (2017) delved into what luxury brands – no matter their size or target market – need to do to survive and thrive in today’s digital era and unveil the five essential strengths for achieving the “digital sweet spot”. Florine is also co-founder and CEO of mOOnshot digital.

Shine – Digital Craftsmanship for Modern Luxury Brands is the answer for those ambitious businesses that need some clarity on how to move from an OOPS (Overwhelming Online Presence and Stress) situation to a WOW (Wonderful Online Wonderland) state.

Although dedicated to premium and luxury brands, all businesses benefitted from applying some of the digital principles to increase their brand’s online desirability and offer a more polished and first-class user experience.


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