Engaging the Right Audience Online with Retargeting

ISSUE #62 – Online advertising spending is poised to continue growing. In this interview, Alban Villani, General Manager, Criteo Southeast Asia, HK and Taiwan, elaborates on the method of retargeting, and explains how Criteo uses big data and analytics to help marketers reach the right audience.


What is retargeting?

Criteo is a performance marketing company, so what we provide is something called personalised dynamic retargeting. The concept of retargeting is to help partners bring back consumers who have dropped off from their websites to encourage conversions throughout the consumer’s online browsing journey.

Advertising is not about persuasion anymore, but rather about communication with the consumers and recommendation.  If the consumers are not happy with your price and browsing experience, they can easily click on another page. Retargeting allows brands to continuously engage the consumers with relevant content – such as the products they are looking at or other related items – to eventually bring them back to the site and complete their purchase.

Advertising is not about persuasion anymore, but rather about communicating with the consumers and recommendation.

How do we know which ads add the most value to a user’s browsing experience?

Shoppers want to see ads that are interesting to them. No one wants to be bombarded with unwanted or irrelevant content. If you keep showing users generic or non-relevant banners, they will not visit your website and may even become annoyed with the brand. The more relevant it is to the shopper, the more likely they will click on it.

We determine the relevance of the ad based on the user’s actual online behaviour. We use data from anonymous cookies that track the shopper’s online activities like the products they viewed, the searches they made or number of pages viewed on our partner’s websites. This ensures we only show them content based on the items they are interested, enhancing their online shopping experience.

What makes Criteo’s technology and capabilities stand out from the rest?

We deliver an end-to-end performance marketing solution, work directly with clients and an extensive network of publishers, and measure performance exclusively on a post-click attribution model.

When it comes to technology, Criteo’s proprietary and world-class self-learning engine delivers measurable results by observing shopping intent data and sales transactions in the online marketplace. It utilises big data and analytics to deliver personalised real-time ads with accuracy and scale, direct to any device – web, mobile web, in-app, and cross-device.

Criteo’s cross-device and performance marketing technology has been adopted by prominent retailers like ZALORA in Singapore and MatahariMall in Indonesia, helping them improve consumer engagement and increase sales volumes by 363% and 160% respectively.

When tracking consumers’ online behaviour, what data do you collect?

We take privacy very seriously at Criteo. We only collect anonymous information through cookies that record shoppers’ activities. For example, we can track whether your internet browser has visited one of our partner sites in the past 30 days, and which products you viewed, but we don’t know who you are nor do we collect any of your personal information.

Ultimately, the cookie information we collect aims to increase the relevance of the ads being displayed to users, but not to determine their identity.





Criteo delivers personalised performance marketing at an extensive scale. Measuring return on post-click sales, Criteo makes ROI transparent and easy to measure. Criteo has over 2,000 employees in 31 offices across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, serving 12,000 advertisers worldwide and with direct relationships with 17,000 publishers. For access to industry reports, visit criteo.com/resources.


Interview with Alban Villani, General Manager, Criteo Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan


Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “Driven by Data” – Issue #1 2017