Resilience Delivers: The Resilience Institute

23 Feb 2017 – Over the past two decades, the Resilience Institute has trained 60 000 executives and professionals in hundreds of organizations. Years of training, sharing and extensive research resulted in the development of their proprietary Resilience Diagnostic – a short, secure online human performance assessment tool that provides individual and organisational assessment of resilience and performance.

Drawing on 26,099 assessments and over a million data points collected in 5 languages on all continents, The Resilience Institute has recently released its Global Diagnostic Survey. The survey offers a fascinating glimpse of the factors impacting resilience and performance and clearly shows that Resilience delivers the goods.

In this committee meeting, Thierry Moschetti, Managing Partner of The Resilience Institute in Southeast Asia and in the UK shared the key findings of the survey and some important takeaways for organisations to keep their people safe, well and effective.




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