Winning The Digital Battle: Top 5 Tips to Develop Engaging & Effective Digital Video Creative: Ipsos Connect

22 Feb 2017 – The rapidly changing pattern of media consumption has posed many challenges for brands as they try to decode what works in digital and how it differs from traditional channels. As much as it is a challenge, this also offers a greater opportunity for brands to reach out to their customers in ways that were not available before. Among all creative formats that digital has to offer, video is by far the most popular and effective format that brands can leverage.

However, with the proliferation of content and the rise of simultaneous multiscreen usage, it’s harder than ever for ads to break through to viewers and get viewers’ attention as the digital environment is increasingly getting cluttered.

The creative best practices that define success for TV advertising can be different for the digital world. This is because while the creative format is the same, the way the two media channels are consumed is very different. While TV being the traditional media channel remains a more “sit back” media, digital/online is more “lean forward” thus putting greater emphasis on customer engagement in advertising. This means brands will need to have more direct, real-time and interactive exchanges with customers that provide immediate feedback and builds personal connections.

Based on our experience of helping brands build great communication across different creative formats, we have come up with some tips to keep in mind while developing digital video communication. These can help brands win the digital battle and make their digital media investments work harder.

At this Digital Innovations & Marketing committee meeting, Prasad Shinde, Director, Ipsos Connect, shared with us the top 5 tips to developing an engaging and effective digital video creative.




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