Luncheon @ Bar-Roque Grill: January 2017

20 Jan 2017 – Every month, the French Chamber organises a business luncheon at a different French restaurant. This month’s luncheon took place at Bar-Roque Grill, which provided a great ambiance for conversations and exchange.

Bar-Roque is about the joy of togetherness shared over good, honest food. The inspiration for the restaurant’s aesthetics is the Baroque era of 17th-century Europe, a time of artistic flamboyance that saw masterpieces of architecture, music, painting and sculpture being created. Food at Bar-Roque is not just food. It is a cornucopia – a feast for the stomach and the soul. Bar-Roque serves French-inspired food with a refined contemporary character. Their signature dishes include the rotisserie free-range chicken, the tart flambé, Seafood Platter, the New Zealand Abalone Salad, and “Mom’s” apple pie.




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