Keys unlocking Asian leaders’ potential to become Global Leaders

12 Jan 2017 – Asia weighs 40% of the world’s GDP… Why then are so few Asian leaders operating at high levels in multinational companies?

  • What value would they bring? What is holding them back?
  • Which steps should corporations take to facilitate their rise?
  • What can CEOs and HR executives practically do to help Asian leaders become global leaders?

Drawing from his latest research and his experience coaching over 700 leaders in Asia, global executive coach Jean-Francois Cousin shared at this HR committee meeting:

  • Asian leaders’ strengths and common developmental areas vis-à-vis global leadership requirements in a VUCA world
  • Keys for Asian leaders to gain further confidence and influence, to empower and collaborate effectively across cultures, and to take a world-wise view of business
  • Simple, effective actions CEOs and HR executives can take to support Asian leaders’ rise




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