Experience Sharing with Successful Tech Entrepreneurs: D-Vine by 10-Vins

1 Dec 2016 – Officially unveiled at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, the D-Vine machine is a smart brewing system that delivers a glass of wine at the correct aeration and temperature. The machine scans the capsules of wine, and like an automated coffee machine (like Nestle’s Nespresso and US-based Keurig), it dispenses it perfectly prepared at the push of a button.

During an oenological getaway, the idea started… How to enjoy a glass of wine anytime you want, but served in the same way as a sommelier would do in a restaurant? The friends therefore worked evenings & weekends to imagine and design the first D-Vine prototype… A meticulous and creative piece of craftsmanship. A few years later, in 2012, they decided to begin the story of 10-Vins around the trilogy – Discovering the vineyards – Sharing a passion – Ideal service Conditions…

Thibaut Jarrousse and Jerome Pasquet, Co-Founders of 10-Vins, together with Bertrand Tellier, Executive Director, Alam Baru Pte Ltd, Exclusive D-Vine Representative ASEAN, shared with us their fast-growing entrepreneur story, the challenges and tips to monetise applications towards B2C and B2B markets.




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