Partner with NGO – How to Positively Engage Employees with CSR

23 Nov 2016 – Is there a correlation between inspired employees and increased profitability? Should companies focus mainly on retaining market shares or is there a way to better drive productivity by focusing on effective employee engagement and retention?

Gallop-Healthways Wellbeing Index, which each year surveys employees about their level of job satisfaction, reports that the single most important way to engage workers is to enable them to make progress in meaningful work.

Based on his experience of former President of Accenture France, Benoit Genuini, Founder and President of Passerelles numériques shared with us how companies can motivate their staff by committing to an NGO. Through this talk we explored the bridges between business and philanthropy. Partnering with an NGO, exemplifying the values of your company, empowers your employees with a feeling of fulfilment. Employees with positive feelings towards their jobs work better, are more dedicated. As a consequence, retention rate may increase, thus reducing recruitment costs to the company.

Passerelles numériques (PN) is a French NGO. PN strives for a world where young underprivileged people can have a better life through access to education, training and employment. PN operates in Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Vietnam (Da Nang) and the Philippines (Cebu).

You may find here links to PN’s website, annual reports and a 2-min video about Passerelles numériques.

Special thanks also to Paul Birckel, Managing Director at Société Générale for the insightful experience sharing.




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