Trade Compliance: Approaches from MNCs in the Region: Schneider Electric

11 Oct 2016 – Mr Daniel ZumBrunnen, the Asia Pacific Customs & Trade Compliance Director for Schneider Electric and Mr Philip Ho, the Tax & Customs Expert with Schneider Electric Logistics Asia (SELA), shared with us more on:

  • Key process steps to be undertaken and associated for a Trade Compliance organization
    • Where does the Trade Compliance function belong in an organization and what is it tasked to do
    • How should it interact / cooperate with its stakeholders and other departments
  • Transaction / data transfer screening and controls in light of Trade Compliance
    • Why screening / controls are important
    • How automated tools can help
  • Approaches to Trade Compliance
    • Screening approaches
    • Management of “deemed exports”, “US nexus”, and other common Trade Compliance issues




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