Touchpoints’ Journey to the Centre of Brand Strategy: TNS

13 Sep 2016 – Today’s brands and businesses operate in an intensely connected world, and this has pushed a new concept to the centre of their planning. Not so long ago, ‘touchpoints’ were just another term for marketing channels, conversion opportunities or the different elements of customer experience; a handy catch-all phrase that meant very different things to each department and function within an organisation.

Today, touchpoints are one of the most powerful and important concepts in planning and precision in the use and understanding of them is essential. Marrying them with the right content, at the right moment, should occupy the centre of strategic thinking for businesses. It is taking over the process of building brands, driving conversion and managing customer experience. The ability to understand touchpoints, align them, and respond to them, will increasingly distinguish successful businesses from the rest.

Nishant Kaushal, Client Service Director – Brand Strategy and Communication, TNS and Aurelia Leopold, Client Service Director, TNS shared with us how businesses should navigate the touchpoint revolution, looking at the variety of opportunities that they present:

  • As brand builders
  • As brand experiences
  • As buying opportunities
  • As disruptors
  • As sources of insight




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