Paper and Sustainability

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The Antalis team constantly shares news and issues on the environment and products to educate and inform consumers


As a leader in paper distribution, Antalis has adopted a set of CSR guidelines that aims to make profitable business in a responsible way. Working on initiatives grouped under the four main pillars of Governance, Natural Resources, People and Product Offer, the company’s goal is to implement our CSR tasks in our day-to-day business, making sure that they are consistent with our values.


Under the first pillar of Governance, Antalis has a designated CSR representative in each region acting as the bridge to share best practices around the world and within the company. This also involves the development of a CSR policy with reporting processes and networks, as well as the communication of clear ethical policies.


The Natural Resources pillar aims to manage and use resources in a sustainable way. This includes increasing product traceability, ensuring responsibility in raw material consumption, and optimising the waste supply chain. Efficient use of energy while developing alternative sources, and the improvement of water management in manufacturing and distribution are equally critical.



Antalis’ third CSR pillar covers a key asset of the company: its People. Our policies ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. On top of that, the group is developing a policy to increase skills and knowledge, and to attract and retain talented employees.

Diversity inside the group is also highly emphasised.


Lastly, the pillar of Product Offer aims to drive our customers towards responsible products. The Antalis team constantly shares news and issues onthe environment and products to educate and inform consumers. Alongside this initiative, the group constantly looks into the development of new eco-responsible products and services.


With the Antalis CSR policies based on the ISO 26000 framework, the group has carried out several actions.

A new online platform collects information from our supply chain to help ensure 100% of our wood-based supply is legally sourced. We continuously seek to increase the share of certified materials.

Each of our 5,585 employees in 44 countries has the right to a safe working environment. We have initiated a major action plan including training and protection measures to be implemented in our warehouses.

New online tools will allow our employees to access training that will develop their skills, allow ease of communication and information sharing to secure a better future for themselves, our company, and the world we live in.

It is our responsibility to encourage our customers to choose eco-responsible products. Our Green Star System™ is a clear, simple grid that gives people the information that they need to choose the paper that reflects their company’s environmental position.

Together, these initiatives are the basis of the Antalis group’s CSR strategy. Implementing them locally is the key to putting them right at the heart of our business, helping us ensure our business is responsible every day, at every site, everywhere.


By Olivier Guichardon, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Sequana (holding company of Antalis International)


Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “Green Power” – Issue #2 2016