Less Food Waste, More Quality of Life

ISSUE #60 – Food waste fills up landfills and produces greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change and impacting our quality of life. One third of the food produced for human consumption is wasted while 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Singapore wasted 681,400 tonnes of food in 2015, representing a missed opportunity to improve food security and mitigate environmental impact.

As a global service provider impacting 75 million consumers daily and given its position in the food value chain, Sodexo plays a vital role in contributing to a food-waste-free world. A key part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 34% by 2020 is to reduce food waste from production to consumption.

With less waste, we contribute to a better quality of life.



Sodexo’s Waste Watch programme focuses on reducing food waste in the sites where we operate both within the kitchen (kitchen waste) and by the consumer (plate waste). It is behaviour driven, where all types of food waste is collected, measured, and highlighted. In sites in Singapore, up to 50% reduction in food waste has been observed. This programme has been launched in countries in the region and we plan to roll it out to even more locations in the coming months.


The consumers that we serve are our critical allies in the fi ght against food waste. Working closely with our clients, we empower consumers to make informed decisions around food.

Sodexo launched the food waste consumer engagement programme at the United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA) East Campus. Special waste bins with positive messaging are placed prominently in the cafeteria. Students are encouraged to sort their waste. Food waste goes into a transparent box, allowing students to visualise. Creativity is encouraged, where student groups take ownership, set waste reduction targets, create works of art, making the whole process fun and engaging.

About this initiative, UWCSEA Director of Sustainability Mr Nathan Hunt says, “This is an example of how students can partner with our teams on campus to genuinely educate for a sustainable future. Sodexo’s own ambitions for sustainability are actually helping us live our UWC mission.”

Grade 5 student volunteers guide their juniors and peers. UWCSEA teacher Ms Andrea McDonald says, “Working with Sodexo is a fantastic opportunity for my students to engage with the food waste issue. They feel they aren’t just learning but actually becoming part of the solution.”

Sodexo UWCSEA Account Manager Mr Shoeb Syed says, “The campaign has gotten off to a good start, and the response from the entire school community has been amazing. We will be able to extend its success to other Sodexo sites.”



Recognising the pressing need to reduce food waste in a comprehensive manner, Sodexo founded the International Food

Waste Coalition (IFWC) together with several industry leaders by addressing wastage at every stage of the food value chain.

Sodexo is exploring further innovative solutions to eliminate food waste. With less waste, we contribute to a better quality of life.


By Roshith Rajan, Corporate Responsibility Lead, Asia Pacific, Sodexo Services Asia


Photos (top to bottom):

Sodexo’s food waste consumer engagement programme at the tray return area in United World College South East Asia East Campus, which was developed in partnership with the school, creating an engaging atmosphere for students to take action

Messaging specially designed to appeal to students


Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “Green Power” – Issue #2 2016