Revised Singapore-France avoidance of double taxation agreement: What you need to know

5 Jul 2016 – The revised Singapore-France avoidance of double taxation agreement, which entered into force on 1 June 2016, may bring you some favourable withholding tax rates which may apply to your France-Singapore business transactions. At this committee meeting, Chester Wee, Partner, International Tax Services, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP, Luis Coronado, Partner, ASEAN Transfer Pricing Services Leader, Ernst & Young Solutions LLPJonathan Belec, Director, Transfer Pricing Services, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP and Loïse Jacquette, Consultant, Dutch / EMEIA Tax Desk, Global Tax Desk Network, Asia-Pacific, EY, shared with us the tools to understanding the practical implications of the lower withholding tax rates and the consequences of the introduction of an anti-avoidance rule.

Aligned with the global trends of international tax cooperation among countries, the new tax treaty reflects an increased cooperation between the Singapore and French tax authorities. In practice, this would enable local tax authorities to obtain information about your business in the other jurisdiction, for example a copy of your submitted tax returns.




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