Experience sharing on setting-up a business in Myanmar

16 Jun 2016 – With an economic growth rate of 7.0%, Myanmar confirmed its status of “land of opportunities” in 2015. In line with the global economic slowdown, the country grew at his slowest pace since 2012, however it is still performing well above the ASEAN region’s growth rate of 4.5% on the same period.

As with other new economies, entering Myanmar’s business has become a priority for most of the companies since market shares are generally acquired on a first come-first served basis. Large companies to small entrepreneurs are trying to find their ways in the aging – yet efficient – government institutions and infrastructures. As regulations changes constantly to adapt the ever changing environment, setting up and managing a legal entity in Myanmar can become rapidly complex for new comers.

Laurence Lagriffoul, Manager of EOS Development Pte Ltd, shared her experience on setting-up and managing a company in Myanmar. Based on her hands-on experience and supported by the latest law updates, she provided an overview of the procedures and regulations involved in company incorporation and live operations. This presentation was set to guide the audience through the key aspects of starting business in Myanmar with a local entity, including business registration, banking operations management, corporate tax planning and business limitations.




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