Emerging Innovation: an exploratory journey into design thinking and innovation games: Palo-IT

14 Apr 2016 – The growing success of agile methods, which put a strong emphasis on people interactions, fun and creativity-friendly environments, has made design thinking and innovation games even more popular. Design thinking can be used to design products, new customer experience or corporate strategy and large scale systems.

Innovation Games are games whose primary intent is not pure entertainment. An increasing number of organisations have realised the enormous potential of game-based activities. Innovation Games can be applied to a broad spectrum of areas like training, hiring, generating new ideas, making meetings more effective, generating feedback about a product or service, feature prioritization and change management, and the list goes on.

At this meeting, Cédric Mainguy, Head of Digital Innovation at PALO-IT ran this hands-on session, sharing how organisations can bring fun into work and produce highly valuable outcomes fast.




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