Launching & expanding your e-commerce business in SEA: Singapore Post and Deleporte Wentz Avocat

28 Jan 2016 – If you plan to launch an e-commerce business in SE Asia, or if you are already operating in Singapore and planning to go international and expanding across the region, you must consider an array of issues, including cultural, economic, legal, operational and logistical issues.

At this meeting, Bénédicte Deleporte, Managing Partner, Deleporte Wentz Avocat and Dhruv Mehrotra, Director Business Development, Singapore Post discussed the most common questions that should be addressed prior to launching your e-commerce business in the region: what are the prerequisites, what type of sales channel to select, how to manage your web site development (technical and legal aspects, marketing, payment solutions), how to manage your e-commerce activity across the region (client database, online and offline business management), and what about the logistics (supply chain, customs duties and taxes, storage and delivery).




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