Digital for Luxury: Common Pitfalls & Best Practices

19 Nov 2015 – Many luxury brands have been looking at the rise of digital innovation from a distance. Skeptical. Overwhelmed by the complex nature of online marketing and the perceived threat that digital could represent to the concept of exclusivity, traditionally associated with luxury.

But embracing digital is no longer a “nice to have”. Premium and luxury brands need digital as a lever for growth now more than ever… or risk being left behind.

Consumers do not blindly trust carefully crafted, one-way commercial messages anymore. Premium and luxury brands are expected to engage customers with emotional, meaningful stories and experiences across all touchpoints.

To benefit from the power of digital and mobile requires a deep understanding of the new tools and platforms, new processes, and most importantly new consumer behaviours.

Where do you focus your efforts and investments? How to pull all the digital marketing pieces together? What to do and not do online? And how do you measure success?

At this committee meeting, Florine Eppe Beauloye, Founder and Director of mOOnshot digital highlighted some of the common digital pitfalls of luxury brands and showcased the best practices of companies. She stressed the importance of understanding new tools and platforms, processes and consumer behaviours associated with digital and mobile opportunities.




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