Clarins’ SCOOP on Supply Chain

ISSUE #58 – Clarins was founded in 1954 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins and has been proven to be a visionary brand, brave enough to adapt, to create, and to choose to be the best for consumer’ skin. Coming from a rich heritage of listening to what women want, it is very important to Clarins to have the right products at the right places with the best value proposition.


On the supply chain front, Clarins is constantly challenging itself to do better in order to deliver on our long-term vision for the region: to be, and be recognised as, the leading skin-care brand in Asia Pacific, with trusted skin-care expertise.

To drive better collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, and to realise this transformation, Clarins Groupe launched the SCOOP Project in 2011 with the ambition to strengthen our global supply chain and operations capabilities. This journey would take the entire organisation through an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems implementation from the factories down to all the affiliates; new ways of working, with better and enhanced processes to complement the new ERP systems, would empower people with the right knowledge to make better decisions, quicker.

The first wave of the SCOOP project was implemented worldwide in February 2014 after almost three years in the works. What it means for Asia is a new, globally streamlined product codification process that enhances the track-and trace capabilities. With traceability, we now have completeness of product information at every step of the supply chain, maintaining the link between the finish goods and the components as well as the ingredients used in the production.

Clarins launched the SCOOP Project in 2011 with the ambition to strengthen our global supply chain and operations capabilities

Our consumers can be better assured of Clarins products freshness with better managed FEFO (First Expired, First Out) process and the increase in productivity as a result of our conforming to the GS1 international labelling and tracking best practices used by our customers. The second and third wave of the project is currently under way and we expect full implementation in Asia in just a few short months, with exciting changes to the way we do our forecasting and having better tools to support the Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process. With a more will enrich our close collaboration with the commercial colleagues who better understand consumer needs, which then translates to better anticipation of needs across the supply chain, resulting in fresh products availability across all the various channels.

We expect the fourth and final wave of SCOOP project to be completed by 2017, marking the complete supply chain transformation in the way Clarins operates in the future. As with any other full-scale ERP project such as this, we do experience numerous challenges on our journey. However, with great and passionate people at Clarins, we see these as opportunities at every step of the way, further strengthening the belief of making life even more beautiful for all our consumers.


By Chris Goh, Supply Chain Director Asia Pacific, Clarins

Article published in the FOCUS Magazine”New Links in the Supply Chain” – September 2015