Digitalising the Retail Experience

ISSUE #58 – Store Electronic Systems (SES) is a French group specialised in digital solutions for large-scale food and non-food retailers, and the global leader in Electronic Shelf Labelling systems. With more than 20 years of experience and 9,000 stores fitted in 52 countries, SES is the main actor in its sector and offers a high-performance solution to retailers and distributors.


“Labels are now intelligent as they are able to communicate with smartphones via the NFC technology.“

Considering how the retail market is affected by the Internet and new channels of distribution, traditional retailers have to abide by new rules and make sure that they assess their customers’ needs and priorities. Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are at the core of the digital transformation of traditional retail.

ESLs replace paper labels, thus saving time as the labelling process is first and foremost highly time-consuming. Connected via radio frequency to the price central system located either in-store or in the cloud, ESLs offer the possibility of changing prices in real time, which gives a decisive advantage to the retailer.


Labels are now intelligent as they are able to communicate with smartphones via the NFC (Near Field Communication) and also guide customers, helping them to locate products in the store, and collecting information about movements and the products in which they are interested. Such features are now essential to the digital revolution faced by the physical store, whose economic model is under pressure.



Once considered a threat, the sector’s digital advances have become the strategic weapon of traditional retail to win the multi-channel battle. Thanks to NFC technology, integrated for the first time in electronic labels by SES, retailers have access to a wide range of valuable services to brands and customers: digital marketing, social media integration, personalised crossselling, loyalty schemes, product geolocation… An endless source of information that gives a strong leverage to retailers and allows them to maintain a precise and detailed inventory of his stock, sales, special offers, etc.

Managing the supply chain or building a strong and up-to-date crosschannel CRM becomes less of a burden and, on the contrary, holds high return-on-investment value, mainly thanks to the tremendous amount of time saved by our solution and the easily accessible store overview in our software.


SES promotes a true revolution in electronic labelling and retail to allow the connected customer to shop in a connected store, the new standard of tomorrow. New demands in terms of proximity, speed or service, along with the need for retailers and distributors to be as responsive as their e-commerce competitors, are the driving forces of the digital transformation of physical stores as we see it.


By Nicolas Lamaury, Managing Director, Store Electronic Systems Asia Pacific


Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “New Links in the Supply Chain” – September 2015