A New Logistics Hub: Key to New Project Opportunities

ISSUE #58 – Global freight management and logistics provider Geodis opened a new logistics hub in Singapore last year to service its global Oil & Gas customers. This opening was in line with Geodis’ Industrial Project Division strategic growth plan for the Oil & Gas sector that has been developing very fast over the past few years. It is the third hub opened by the company, the first two being located in Houston, USA, and Vitrolles, South of France. Geodis has since opened two more in Antwerp and Dubai, and another two hubs should open this year.


Our new Singapore logistics hub, ideally located near Jurong Port, aims to service the Oil & Gas clusters in Southeast Asia, and will allow Geodis Singapore to take part and qualify for larger industrial projects strategic tenders. It was officially opened in May 2014, with one employee on site.

In February 2015, most of the Geodis Oil & Gas team moved there, and the Hub now has permanent staff dedicated to the warehouse as well as specific Oil & Gas customers.

The Jurong location was specifically chosen so that Geodis would be geographically closer to its customers, as most Oil & Gas companies are based in Jurong and its surroundings. In addition,Jurong Port is just minutes away. This new location allows us to serve our clients better and offer them more services.

The hub now has permanent staff dedicated to the warehouse as well as specific Oil & Gas customers.


We have the Bonded Warehouse Facilities licence, and we are in fact open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have 20.000sqf of covered warehouse and 15.000sqf of open yard, which we can use to store machinery. We also provide different equipment and facilities, such as cranes, forklifts and cherry-pickers. We have packaging, re-packing and specialised packing services (heattreated, vacuum, etc), as well as a heat treatment oven, for ISPM15 requirements.

The hub staff can also arrange pick up at suppliers, reception and labelling of goods, consolidation, and stuffing.

The on-site container and stuffing facility offer container loading/unloading inspections to monitor quality of operations, and apply container load principles to improve effi ciency when unloading and bringing into stock. Last but not least, customs clearance services can also be provided, as well as support for issuance of temporary permits for import/export cargos.


By Lucile Jaillais, Marketing Executive, Geodis Wilson


PHOTOS (Top to Bottom):

Operation personnel overseeing cargo movement

Some of the cargo occupancy in the warehouse


Article published in the FOCUS Magazine “New Links in the Supply Chain” – September 2015